The Home Calling

Hospital in the Home, otherwise known as HITH, is the delivery of high-quality medical care and treatment by health care professionals within the patient’s home, as an alternative for being in hospital. Patients who are eligible for HITH are still treated as inpatients and remain under the care of their hospital doctor. Nurses deliver daily treatments to patients and in some cases visit up to twice a day.

Studies have shown HITH increases patient and carer satisfaction, with no change to carer burden.

As a provider to HITH, Baxter is privileged to contribute to the day-to-day provision of HITH services and many patient journeys.

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"We find HITH an invaluable aid to getting people out of hospital sooner or avoiding hospitalisation at all. We can effectively manage conditions like cellulitis, deep vein thrombosis, osteomylitis and septic arthritis".

Dr Nick Collins 
Macarthur Ambulatory Care Service

"These resources are great because now I understand how it all works and I am looking forward to getting back into my daily life. I was so glad to be able to go home from hospital and get back to my normal life. I forget the Infuser is on. It’s excellent".


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