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Baxter Medical Information Service

Accurate, current and balanced information about medicines is essential for their safe and effective use in treating patients. Appreciating this need, Baxter Healthcare established the One Call medical information service to act as a source of such information for both external and internal customers.

Dedicated toll free telephone numbers and email address are available for health professionals to direct clinical/technical questions on Baxter products to a central point within the Baxter Sydney office:

Australia: 1300 302 409
New Zealand: 0800 556 682
Email: [email protected]

Please note, Baxter Healthcare can not provide medical or healthcare advice – your treating healthcare professional is the most appropriate contact for this purpose. If you would like information on Baxter products or to report an adverse event please call Baxter OneCall Medical Information on 1300 302 409 (for Australia) or 0800 556 682 (for New Zealand).