Healthcare Professionals

We understand referring patients for HITH is not always straightforward.

Baxter provides online resources for all things HITH to assist in making decisions and providing innovative options with our products, services and vast resources to help you get your patient home efficiently and on the road to a comfortable recovery.

Baxter Professional

Log in to our Baxter Professional portal to access a range of resources to assist you in providing HITH services.  A small sample of the information available includes:

  • Access to the latest research and clinical trials involving continuous infusion antibiotics
  • A Smartphone app that includes the latest Antibiotic Shelf Life Data to help you plan treatments
  • Online training modules
  • Video coverage of conferences and seminars in the HITH community
  • Access to studies evaluating the HITH model of care
  • Find information on our TGA/Medsafe licensed compounding facilities


The Home Calling App


A Healthcare Professional App featuring comprehensive stability data and more is available from the Apple iOS and Google Play App stores.

Getting Started

1. Download and open the new App.

2. Sign in with your Baxter Professional Account or LinkedIn details. If you do not have a Baxter Professional account, use the links on the right of the page to sign-up.

3. Current Baxter customers: After installing the new App and creating your Baxter Professional account please contact your Sales representative to ensure your customer specific features are enabled.

The Home Calling App